Is Pure Leverage the Next Empower Network
(The Gloves Are OFF?)

Are The GLOVES OFF Between
Pure Leverage & Empower Network?


Over the past couple days I have seen many blog articles and videos with people saying that Pure Leverage is the next Empower Network. One article went as far as saying, “Joel Therien, founder of GVO and the New Pure Leverage, secretly spent $5,000,000 developing Pure Leverage, under the noses of Dave & Dave (Co-Creators of Empower Network)”.

I chuckle at these types of articles and videos, that are spreading like wildfire.

Are the “Gloves Off” in a fight to the TOP???

Being an Empower Network affiliate, a long standing client of GVO (the parent company of Pure Leverage) and also knowing Joel Therien personally ……

The short answer is…… ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I feel just the opposite is TRUE!

Pure Leverage IS NOT and will NOT try to be the next Empower Network.

My Video on this page explains MY feelings on how BOTH of these “opportunities” are awesome, yet distinctly DIFFERENT!

Don’t get me wrong, I may be a little bias, being an affiliate of BOTH and an integral part of the Pure Leverage launch. The Pure Leverage launch started over 1 and ½ years ago, before I even knew about Empower Network.

The fact is, Pure Leverage was created to HELP one grow a business like Empower Network.

I assure you, people will also make a boat load of moolaa promoting Pure Leverage but the compensation plans are very different. In my opinion, they are two of the BEST and most lucrative out there. (See Video for More Detail) Couple these two programs with the power of My Lead System Pro, which now has a 100% payout model, and you have a  trifecta of tools that can help you exponentially grow your business.

WOW! Looks like 2013 is the YEAR we ALL get 100% Commissions! I need to THANK Dave and Dave for paving the way …… on behalf of all affiliates!

Now, I have not spoken with Dave and Dave at the time of this post, BUT, I have had long conversations with Joel Therien and can ASSURE you that in no way is Pure Leverage the next Empower Network. It was created to HELP people like those involved in Empower.. (me)… GROW that business and also be paid VERY WELL promoting the tools suite, that we all NEED to grow ANY business on-line.

I “KNOW” that Pure Leverage and Empower Network are “friends” not “foes” and that TWO can live side by side, with different benefits to the masses!

Let’s stop ALL the hub bub and hype that Pure Leverage is the next Empower Network and get back to basics of BOTH, having TRUE Value in the marketplace, living side by side for the common goal of creating better lifestyles!

PLEASE… be sure to watch my video on this post also!

I would LOVE to hear YOUR take … Leave me a comment below.

Mark “Stop The B.S.” Call

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  • Gloria Reibin

    Great response. I know people who are in both and promoting both. Thank you for all the help y you give. BTW, I don’t really have a way to check that challenge I had other than not getting another notice.

  • Jerekiah

    Very well explaned Mark, Pure leverage and Empower network are both amazing company’s and life changing organization if you follow the coaching and put your own hard work & knowledge into it, You to can become successful from what i have research and read, i’m hoping and praying to become successful as well with both company’s. Stay focus and keep looking forward Mark and remember you have a team that depends on you. Please!! give us that follow you! the best of both (Company’s) & knowledge to become successful, thanks Mark..

  • William

    Thank You! You have been a great help to me and a real blessing as well

  • Criss

    Hey Mark, what I heard some right mate, video wouldnt keep loading after 1.33 mins approx , tryed to refresh but dod the same, could be just my mac?.

  • Ahhh de-stressing it all with your timely take and an explanation of things empowering us all online to succeed! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Matthew Sunderland

    Mark, great post! Anyone who take a close look at both these companies will see both are needed. Thanks for putting up the details!

  • Lisa

    Mark, excellent job explaining the differences between the two programs. You were spot on with all of your points.

  • UpbeatDrummer

    Great stuff mark, thanks!

  • Well said Mark!
    Both are solid programs, and it’s great to hear your take on this ‘rivalry’. At the end of the day, they have different offers and I’m excited to be building a Rockstar team with you in Pure Leverage. Talk soon!